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Krav Maga self-defence has many different applications due to its efficiency and robustness. Dependant on the application Krav Maga will be delivered in different ways to suit many varied scenario’s and situations, to give an example Military Krav Maga will be taught in one format with the aim to give a soldier basic skills rapidly, the basics can be taught to military personal within two weeks of training every day and they will have an effective skill set to use on the battlefield if required. Civilian Krav Maga although similar is different! The British Krav Maga Association and other world bodies use the basic elements but add extra techniques to deal with the many varied street defence situations that can present themselves! These are generally based on statistical analysis of violent crime in the country the system is being taught in. Police, door supervisors etc will utilize another form of Krav Maga relating to their requirements. So, in essence, Krav Maga is a very versatile system open to civilian Men, Women, children between the ages of 6-70 years old, Military, and first responders.

Self-defence Oxford

What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a simple easy to learn self-defence combat system. It was developed based on instinctive natural movements, with the principles that it must work from a position of disadvantage, it must be accessible to the average person and be able to work against a variety of attacks. Although Krav Maga is mainly a self-defence system the syllabus is varied enough to cover anyone who wishes to learn martial arts with the application of good form and technique. There is no long-term tradition to Krav Maga but if you want to be an expert in this system there is a full grading system with key milestone levels to achieve your goal at becoming a proficient practitioner. Its purpose from birth was to efficiently enable an individual to assimilate key self-defence and combative skills fast.

Krav Maga Oxford

Excellent club with such a friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t matter who you train with or how skillful you are, everyone will take time to learn your name and be so patient while you learn. The instructor will watch carefully and give sensible pointers pitched at your level. Can’t recommend enough.

Andy Silvester

The process and types of violence

Within our Krav Maga self-defence training, we also look at the different types of violence from common assault, social violence, robbery, multiple attackers, edged and blunt weapon defence. We offer principle-based training to help our students manage the situation as best as possible. Subjects will include situational awareness, de-escalation training drills, the process of violence, and how to manage yourself mentally and physically when faced with a situation. With regular training we help to improve knowledge, confidence and technical ability. By understanding key elements such as situational awareness, avoidance tactics, dissuasion techniques, and simple physical techniques i.e. blocks counter-attacks releases from grabs and holds, ground defence and dealing with multiple attackers. We train to read a situation to better understand, deflect, to reduce the seriousness of the outcome. If you see an attack coming you have more chance of either evading it or controlling it rather than becoming a victim. Our classes are a great way to get fit and also improve our confidence in all aspects physically and mentally.

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Written By Wayne Bailey Head Instructor Oxford and Reading BKMA

Wayne Bailey Head Instructor British Krav Maga Oxford and Reading

Probably the best Krav Maga instructor I have trained with. Suitable both for beginners and advanced. Well structured lessons, friendly atmosphere, great location. Thoroughly recommended.

Jacob Khokhlov

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