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Krav Maga Oxford is back to in-class training. Starting with our outdoor sessions at Rosehill Community center. This is a great opportunity to run our self-defence and fitness classes outdoors, being able to train outside on uneven ground allows us to run environmental drills and get fit. Our priority is to offer quality self-defence training as safely as possible.

What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga was designed to enable people to be able to efficiently protect themselves in the shortest time possible. Krav Maga is not a martial art it is a fighting system with the focus of protecting yourself and family. We work to improve our student’s knowledge confidence and fitness with a focus on reality-based self-defence training.

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Krav Maga is simple, intuitive and highly effective. We also focus on tactics to avoid, deescalate and respond to danger. The system of Krav Maga has been tested in some of the most dangerous situations the world over and respected by many front-line operatives. Krav Maga is a street smart practical system where we teach our students how to recognise a problem and avoid before it escalates, knowing we have the tools to deal with it physically if required, it is about fast, effective methods that work under the effects of adrenaline.

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Excellent club with such a friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t matter who you train with or how skillful you are, everyone will take time to learn your name and be so patient while you learn. The instructor will watch carefully and give sensible pointers pitched at your level. Can’t recommend enough.

Andy Silvester

The first thing you need to look at! What is your objective??

  • Do you want to get fit, lose weight, gain functional strength?
  • Want more confidence?
  • Learn effective self-defence safety tips and strategies?
  • Train with effective combat & release skills?
  • Solo training drills
  • Become part of a like-minded community of people in a positive environment gaining new vital lifesaving skills?

Krav Maga Oxford is a well-established club with a great team of instructors, who have a wealth of knowledge committed to delivering the highest quality of self-defence training. We have a great community of students who all motivate and support each other to improve and achieve.

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Our program covers the below subjects which are the most important elements regarding Self-defence:

  • Introduction to Krav Maga /self-defence
  • Combative skills, defence against chokes, holds, grabs, ground defence, falling safely, blocks, kicks and more
  • Situational awareness, adrenal stress management, de-escalation FENCE principles
  • Solo combative and fitness training relating specifically to Krav Maga
  • Home invasion prevention and tactics
  • Basic guidance on how to protect yourself legally and understand your rights within the realms of self-defence
  • Fear management, understanding the emotional, physical and phycological conditions we go through, and presenting yourself as a hard target

So why do our students get so fit so fast!

Our training programs and drills are designed to be challenging, we work on anaerobic and aerobic fitness and callisthenic exercise which all are the most efficient methods to get fit fast! We use the same training methods used by gymnasts, athletes, and military the world over! The best bit about these training programs is the fact you don’t even realise how much exercise you are doing as you are focused on the training drills and achieving whilst having fun. This is the secret recipe of what we do and why you should take on Krav Maga over a gym membership! you are more likely to see it through to the end, reach your goal and not to mention that you will learn some live saving skills at the same time.

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Written by Wayne Bailey Head Instructor British Krav Maga Oxford & Reading

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