Krav Maga Self-Defence training online. How does it work and will it benefit me

What legal principles can be used to justify self-defence? Why is it important to have a basic understanding of the Law regarding self-defence? Understanding your rights to protect yourself will help you to have an appropriate response to a threat if a situation should arise

womens self-defence oxford

Womens Self-Defence Training Oxford! Find out why Krav Maga is the best self-defence system for women

Krav Maga Striking Combinations

The combative foundation of Krav Maga or any form of self defence should be built on a mixture of muscle memory, experience under stress, timing and power. The elite of any profession are those who have drilled and redrilled and mastered the basics. Some of the striking combinations that we will be working on for the next 2 weeks:

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Krav Maga: Israels primary womens self defence system

Martial arts usually have traditional and historical roots with an aspect of spirituality thrown in. There are also rules, regulations and competitions. Krav Maga is different. Firstly, it’s not classed as a martial art. It’s an Israeli self-defence technique designed for the street. There are no sporting rules and there is no letting up until you are safely away or your attacker is incapacitated.



Want to improve your Krav Maga or Martial arts training. Here’s eight things to improve your game…