Krav Maga Oxford Online Training

Krav Maga Oxford Online Training

Krav Maga Oxford Online Training 

Although it would be ideal to have contact training in a class, you can learn self-defence online. Since the end of March we have been working with our students running Krav Maga Oxford online Training fully-interactive classes to develop a program that works online. Through this process we now know what works! Luckily, the system of Krav Maga is simple and robust enough to offer you valuable training which doesn’t just cover strength and fitness but also the combative skills required to defend yourself. You can learn effective self-defence techniques and principles online…

I believe the current pandemic has moved online Krav Maga training forward by at least 10 years! I am almost certain that we would have run online classes as an additional option for new students! What we found is that the first three levels of Krav Maga are easily teachable online! And this is great news for learning self-defence because our first three levels cover approximately 70% of the content to deal with Violent crime in the UK.

Online Krav Maga Self-Defence and Fitness Training!

Some of our students were skeptical at first when we started our Krav Maga Online interactive classes as was I! Nothing beats Krav Maga self-defence training in class with contact and resistance of a training partner! But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the techniques or principles or develop an understanding of self-defence fundamentals! How to prevent, escape, de-escalate, manage your own emotional and psychological response to a situation! All of this is valuable! And easily teachable via video, audio, and interaction (coaching) All you require is a safe space to train, a device with internet, and a camera and you are away!

Oxford Krav Maga Online

What Have We been Up too?

Over the last few months, we have been working to develop a Krav Maga 8 Week Self-defence course which is fully interactive for beginners through to advanced levels! We have incorporated Interactive sessions with Facebook live instructional videos allowing students to have the best of both worlds being able to train regularly interactively with in-session coaching and to be able to watch technical instructional Krav Maga videos at your leisure.

Before running our beginners’ classes for new students, we tested the delivery of Krav Maga training online with our existing students because we wanted the confidence, we would be able to deliver quality coaching technique online effectively to students who have never trained before! We have gone through the process now! and through student feedback, we know what works and what doesn’t!
There are so many courses that have now popped up online promoting self-defence, martial arts, and fitness classes!

Oxford Self-Defence Training

The first thing you need to look at is, what is your objective??

• Do you want to get fit, lose weight, gain functional strength?
• Do you want confidence
• Do you want to learn effective self-defence safety tips and strategies?
• Do you want to learn effective combat & release skills?
• Learn Solo training drills
• Do you want an introduction into an art or system in readiness to attend classes later?
• Do you want an interactive online class where you will receive technical coaching and correction & be able to ask questions as you move through the training program?
• Do you want to become a part of a like-minded community of people in a positive environment gaining new vital lifesaving skills?

Womens Self-Defence

One huge benefit is that you can learn the basic Krav Maga skills and movement before you step into a class, we have found from feedback that most new students especially if they have never trained in any martial arts before are nervous and don’t want to look bad when entering a class for the first time! Online allows you to gain those key movement skills before entering a class offering you more confidence!

Oxford Krav Maga Instructor Team
We developed an 8-week Online program which covers the below subjects which are the most important elements regarding Self-defence:

• Introduction to Krav Maga /self-defence
• Combative skills, defence against chokes, holds, grabs, ground defence, falling safely, blocks, Kicks and more
• Situational awareness, adrenal stress management, de-escalation FENCE principles
• Solo combative and fitness training relating specifically to Krav Maga
• Home invasion prevention and tactics
• Basic guidance on how to protect yourself legally and understand your rights within the realms of self-defence
• Fear management, understanding the emotional, physical & phycological conditions we go through, & presenting yourself as a hard target

Our course outlines the most fundamentally important aspects of self-defence and tactical training! Minus the contact elements that can be practiced with a family member at home or in class when we return.

What if I already train in other Martial arts?

Traditional Martial Arts are great! I have trained in many different systems over the years and very much enjoyed the time spent learning and practicing with some awesome fighters! But they generally only address some of the physical combat elements that you would need to prepare yourself for reality-based street self-defence. They also teach you about fair play and sportsmanship both of which do not live in the realms of dealing with violence on the street.

So you can use our course to run alongside your Martial arts training as we focus on a number of different aspects of the combatives training! we use none complicated gross motor movements that work under pressure/adrenal stress, If you have to think about the move in a dangerous situation it will likely fail under pressure! The system of Krav Maga is rapidly teachable as utilized for training military units’ basic combat skills fast.

My Experience

I have trained in multiple systems at the same time which complemented one another! To give an example I trained in Ninjutsu which was a great system for locks holds throws, break falls, attacking pressure points but it lacked the combative stand-up fighting skills that I wanted, so I also trained in Kickboxing at the same time to cover the area I wanted to improve. This doesn’t mean that one is better than the other! Only that the objectives of each system were different!

I just honestly noted the difference between each system’s strengths and weaknesses and combined the separate training of the two that I enjoyed in order to give me a rounded skill set, perfect example is mixed Martial Arts training. Every system has its own objective depending on where it has come from and why the system was developed in the first place! Question is does the system line up with your expectation and objective. For self defence Krav Maga ticked this box for me covering most of what I was looking for in a fighting system which is why I teach it today.

Fitness training in Krav Maga online

Krav Maga in general and our very own fitness training programs focus on functional efficient strength and fitness! We WANT you to be FASTER STRONGER SAFER!! If you can move your body more efficiently and have built up endurance the application of physical self-defence techniques have a much better chance of working! You also don’t need to be fit to try a course like this, I will push you to your own limits and you work at your own pace!

Will a course like this be of benefit to me?

First, we need to look at how we learn! By watching, listening, and assimilating the only missing element if you can’t find a willing partner is the contact, which can be practiced at a later date.

Each individual will respond best to a different method of teaching
By understanding how people learn and what works best for individuals will help you to understand if Krav Maga online would work for you!!!

We wanted to make our Krav Maga Online course diverse allowing people to join the course training on their own, or with a household family member! We have drills to allow you to do Solo training including solo pad training with minimal kit! We make the best with what we have!

So, all in all this is an opportunity for us to get fitter, stronger, faster, safer, build our knowledge at home in readiness for in-class physical training or pick up self-defence safety tips and strategies Online!


We decided to offer a FREE Krav Maga Online Self-Defence session so you can try it out too see for your self how effective this method is without any commitment. There is no pressure on taking up the course! If you want to attend for the FREE session, then that’s totally fine and you will have an introduction into Krav Maga self-defence with some valuable information on self-protection. But im sure you will see the benefits of such a course and will be wanting more!

Book your FREE Online Trial class now!

Wayne Bailey Head Instructor Oxford Krav Maga

Written by Wayne Bailey Head Instructor British Krav Maga Oxford & Reading

I have attended an 8 week beginners course run by Wayne and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in self defence. Due to the current lockdown restrictions the course was held online and it was very professionally run. The course has increased my interest in Krav Maga – it’s a fantastic and enjoyable way of getting fit and the fees are great too.

Ben Thomas