Instructor Certification Requirements

Become a British Krav Maga certified Instructor


Licensed affiliates undergo an intensive course of training and assessment to qualify as a British Krav Maga Accredited Instructor. Please note: We only certify individuals licensing with us, we do not certify independent instructors. 

To assess potential candidates, we require a simple phone shot video demonstrating  the following:

  1. Complete a one minute round video demonstrating, Jab, Cross, Hook combinations from the front and side.
  2. Complete a one minute round video demonstration any range of hand striking combinations including bobbing & weaving and movement from the front and side.
  3. Complete a one minute video showing straight and round kicks with movement.

The video can be shot with a friend holding pads or alone, however techniques need to be clear and visable. We are not assessing the video standard, just the techniques.

We are looking for competence in the area of basic striking, not for instructor level performance at this stage.

No prior Krav Maga experience is required.

Experience has shown us that grades are no indicator of candidate experience or ability. We are interested in performance and trainability.


All British Krav Maga Instructors are expected to meet the following requirements:

  1. Be able to pass an enhanced DBS check (allowances made for old or minor issues)
  2. Have good interpersonal skills & a desire to teach
  3. Have a high level of personal motivation
  4. Have an interest in opening their own British Krav Maga accredited School
  5. Phone Interview with the Training director

Certification Process

We offer one of the most comprehensive Krav Maga Instructor Development programmes available. The Instructor Development programme is a modular course delivered over weekends or via intensive phases.

Training is physically demanding and requires a good level of personal fitness. All candidates are assessed against British Krav Maga training standards, attendance does not guarantee passing – hence the video.

All candidates are assesed for the following:

  1. The ability to perform techniques under pressure whilst physically exhausted
  2. The ability to coach and deliver the British Krav Maga coaching model
  3. The ability to design and deliver classes in accordance with British Krav Maga standards

We strongly recommend you read through the My Story links to get an insite into the certification process.

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